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Hand tools for hot tub repair in Canada.  Having the right tools and service items makes hot tub repair much easier.

Need to remove a spa jet?  Check out our jet tools in this section.

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 Mini Hacksaw Hot Tub Service Tool  4­70­PT121
Mini Hacksaw Hot Tub Service Tool

Mini Hacksaw for serviciing hot tubs.  A mini-hacksaw is the perfect tool for cutting hot tu...


 Mini Hacksaw Blades 10 Pack  4­70­PT121R
Mini Hacksaw Blades 10 Pack

Blades 10/pack for Mini Hacksaw.  This set of 10 replacement blades for a mini hack saw will...


 Cable Saw Tool Hot Tub PVC  4­70­PT139
Cable Saw Tool Hot Tub PVC

Cable Saw for cutting PVC found in hot tub spas.

This item is no longer available and has...


 Hose Cutter to 2 PVC Flex Tubing  4­70­SS200
Hose Cutter to 2 PVC Flex Tubing

Hose Cutter works with up to 2” PVC flex tubing on hot tub plumbing.  Having the right...


 Replacement Blade Hose Cutter  4­70­SS200RB
Replacement Blade Hose Cutter

Replacement blade for the hose cutter tool.  Having enough replacement blades on hand assure...


 Armature Bearing Puller  4­70­AB­PULLER
Armature Bearing Puller

Armature Bearing Puller is a hot tub spa repair tool.


 Waterway Jet Wrench Test Plug Poly Jet  4­70­WW218­1770A
Waterway Jet Wrench Test Plug Poly Jet

Waterway - Jet Wrench/Test Plug, Poly Jet


 Waterway Jet Wrench Adjustable Mini/Neck Jet  4­70­WW218­3000
Waterway Jet Wrench Adjustable Mini/Neck Jet

Waterway - Jet Wrench, Adjustable Mini/Neck Jet


 Waterway Jet Wrench Adjustable Cluster Jet  4­70­WW218­0710
Waterway Jet Wrench Adjustable Cluster Jet

Waterway - Jet Wrench, Adjustable Cluster Jet


 Waterway Escutcheon Pry Bar  4­70­WW218­1040
Waterway Escutcheon Pry Bar

Waterway - Escutcheon Pry Bar


 Waterway Wrench for Front Access Light  4­70­WW630­0100
Waterway Wrench for Front Access Light

Waterway Wrench for Front Access Light


 Pentair Wrench Luxury/Diverter Jet  4­70­AP452711
Pentair Wrench Luxury/Diverter Jet

Pentair - Wrench, Luxury/Diverter Jet


 Pentair Wrench Luxury Micro Jet  4­70­AP452717
Pentair Wrench Luxury Micro Jet

Pentair Wrench, Luxury Micro Jet


 Ultra jet Wrench Standard and Adjustable Jets  4­70­UJV6110103
Ultra jet Wrench Standard and Adjustable Jets

Ultra jet Wrench, Standard and Adjustable Jets


 Impeller Wedge Tool Hot Tub Pumps Canada  4­70­PT111
Impeller Wedge Tool Hot Tub Pumps Canada

Impeller Wedge tool for the repair of hot tub spa pumps.  This tool is especially useful for...


 Impeller Wrench For Closed Impeller  4­70­PT127
Impeller Wrench For Closed Impeller

Impeller Wrench (for closed impeller).  Sometimes the impeller is really tight so it is diff...


 Epoxy Putty Stick 4 Ounce  4­70­IPSEP­4OZ
Epoxy Putty Stick 4 Ounce

Epoxy Putty Stick 4 Ounce


 Armature Holding tool, fits 1/2 socket  4­70­PT128
Armature Holding tool, fits 1/2 socket

Armature Holding tool, fits 1/2” socket


 O-ring Pick Tool  4­70­PT134
O-ring Pick Tool

O-ring Pick tool for removing hot tub o-rings.


 Magic Lube PTFE 1 Ounce Tube  4­65­AL630
Magic Lube PTFE 1 Ounce Tube

Magic Lube, PTFE, 1 oz. tube.


 Magic Lube PTFE 5 Ounce Tube  4­65­AL631
Magic Lube PTFE 5 Ounce Tube

Magic Lube, PTFE, 5 oz. tube.


 Magic Lube II Silicone 1 oz  4­65­AL650
Magic Lube II Silicone 1 oz

Magic Lube II, silicone, 1 oz. tube.  Also available in a 5 ounce tube.


 Magic Lube II Silicone 5 Ounce Tube  4­65­AL651
Magic Lube II Silicone 5 Ounce Tube

Magic Lube II, silicone, 5 oz. tube.


 Teflon Tape 1/2 x 520 43 ft  4­70­VP12520
Teflon Tape 1/2 x 520 43 ft

TEFLON TAPE, 1/2” x 520” 43 ft


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