Ahh Some Hot Tub Cleaner 2oz

AHHSOME2OZ Price : $49.95

Ahh-Some helps you clean and maintain your hot tub or jetted bath tub. Just use a level tablespoon of the product before draining and refilling your spa and let Ahh-Some go to work on the pipes and spa to assure you clean out any lingering bacteria, algae or other impurities that can hide away in pipes and hoses.

This 2 ounce jar is enough to clean your hot tub between 12-24 times. Ahh-Some has powerful bio cleaners that combine non-toxic chemical properties and fast-acting elements to scrape biofilm, bacteria, and other residue off the pipes and walls of your hot tub, jetted tub, whirlpool, spa, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, or even washing machine.

Ahh-Some is a non-toxic chemical that works on all Jacuzzis and jetted tubs.

Directions for Use:


Instructions for cleaning your hot tub with Ahh-Some:
1. Spa must be full of water prior to adding Ahh-Some.
2.Add a full level teaspoon of the cleaner to the water.
3.Turn on the pump so the jets are operating. In minutes the water will become a little foamy. This is normal. Keep the jets on for 5-10 minutes when you clean the tub for the first time. You will now see a brown and black froth appear on the water foam surface. This is the gunk coming out of the plumbing surfaces and the gunk on the tub shell.
4.Now, simply drain the discolored water from the hot tub. Rinse off the shell and then wipe with a clean cloth.
It is best to do this right before you were going to drain the spa water anyways.  This occurs usually every 2-3 months. 

Note that Ahh-Some is for purging only, not to be used as a hot tub chemical.  Ahh-Some is for getting the rest of the gunk out of the spa and pipes before a water change for clean water.

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