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Buy Replacement Venus Series or Original Waterway and Aqua Flo Pumps


Description Brand Volts
Frame Speed Retail Click for Deal Part Nr.
Venus Series 1.5HP 115 Volt Spa Pump Venus 115v 48
2-sp $548.79 1.5 HP Pump GPM-V4151
Venus Series 2.0HP, 1.5" in/out Spa Pump Venus 230v 48
2-sp $608.38 2 HP Pump GPM-V4202
Saturn 3.0HP, 2" in/out Spa Pump Saturn 230v 48
2-sp $594.95 3 HP Pump GPM-S4302
Saturn 4.0HP, 2" in/out Spa Pump Saturn 230v 48
2-sp $638.59 4 HP Pump GPM-S4402
Waterway Executive 2" in/out
Spa Pump
Waterway 120v 48
2-sp $635.00 1.5 HP Pump
Waterway Executive 2.0HP, 2" in/out Hot Tub Pump Waterway 230v 48
2-sp $730 2 HP Pump 3420820-1A
Waterway Executive 3.0HP, 2" in/out Hot Tub Pump Waterway 230v 48
2-sp $695.00 3 HP Pump 3421221-1A
Waterway Executive 3.0HP, 2.5"in 2" out  Spa Pump Waterway 230v 48
2-sp $695.00 3 HP Pump 3421221-13
Waterway Executive 4.5HP, 2" in/out Spa Pump Waterway 230v 48
2-sp $749.00 4.5 HP Pump 3421821-1A
Waterway Executive  4.5HP, 2.5" in 2" out Spa Pump Waterway 230v 48
2-sp $749.00 4.5 HP Pump 3421821-13

The Hot Tub Superstore offers Ultrajet and Waterway brand spa pumps as well as discounts on the Venus and Saturn series.  Venus and Saturn Series replacement hot tub pumps use quality components at unbeatable prices and ship from our warehouse in the Greater Toronto Area to anywhere in Canada.


Hot tub pump and heater

hot tub pump and heaterThe main hot tub pump or a dedicated circulation pump serves to heat the spa by pumping water through the flow-through spa heater which contains a heater element that heats the water.  There are other types of heater and pump combinations, but this is the most common pump and heater combination found in hot tubs.  The Hot Tub Superstore carries pumps, heaters, pump parts and most any component your hot tub may need to work properly.

Spa Circulation Pump

The pump that circulates the water through the heater and the filter is called the circulation pump. Many times a larger 2-speed pump performs double duty.  On low speed, the pump is a heating and filtration pump and on high speed it becomes a dedicated massage pump. Some spas will actually continue to heat when the main pump #1 is put into high speed mode depending on the electrical supply and how the spa is hooked up or configured.

There are plusses and minuses when using a dedicated 24-hour circulation pump instead of the low speed of a stronger 2-speed pump. 

Advantages of the dedicated 24-hour circ pump is usually quieter operation, but there are no energy savings over a bigger pump because the little circ pump runs all the time at a lower speed and with lower wattage than a larger filter pump that only operates a few hours a day, but at a stronger level. 

Minuses of using a 24-hour circ pump include the inability to move water as powerfully as a stronger pump which may result in less than optimum filtration.  This point can be argued between spa manufacturers who use one method or the other to circulate water, but for the purposes of this article, the filtration pump exists to pass water through the filter and heater to maintain heated, clean water.

Note that when replacing spa pumps, the old pump usually has a label or tag that specifies important information about the pump.  Be sure the replacement pump meets the same specs.  For example if you don’t order the correct voltage rating for your pump, you may be putting a 230v pump into a circuit designed for a 110v pump or the other way around.

This can cause all sorts of damage or at minimum another overheating pump.  Do not rely on manufacturers to tell you what component goes into your particular spa without actually verifying the correct operating voltage of the component and other specs to assure a trouble free exchange as manufacturers may switch components from time to time and have their own issues of keeping straight, what goes into any given spa.

If your repair requires an electrician, then you can still source the correct replacement part online and have the electrician swap out the pumps.

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Discount Hot Tub Pumps Unbeatable Canadian Prices Discount Hot Tub Pumps Unbeatable Canadian Prices

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