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Hot tub pumps keep the water flowing through the jets.Hot tub spa pumps deliver soothing hydrotherapy and invigorate mind, body and spirit via a relaxing hydromassage.

Spa pumps keep the water flowing through the jets. When the pump goes bad, it can either be repaired or replaced. 

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Hot Tub Pump Replacement

Replacing a hot tub pump involves sourcing the correct pump based on the specifications found on the bad pump's label. See How to find a Replacement Spa Pump for details.


Note that most pumps do not come with a cord, so many times the existing spa pump cord can be used on the new pump. (Don't discard the old pump until the new one is satisfactorily replaced as you may need to refer to the pump label or use the cord.) 

Waterway spa pumps are brand name pumps fitted in many top of the line spas.  They are available in either 48 frame Waterway or 56 frame Waterway size.

Ultra Jet spa pumps are another popular hot tub brand.

Master Series replacement spa pumps are lower priced alternative hot tub pumps that fit into almost any hot tub and present substantial savings over other pump brands while maintaining a high quality standard.  Master Series spa pumps replace Aqua-Flo, Pentair, Waterway

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Hot Tub Pump Repair

Spa pumps are made up of a motor and a wet end.  Generally, when the motor goes bad, most people just replace the entire pump.  Sometimes if there is a leak or a jammed impeller or other issue with the wet end, then the wet end can be replaced if the pump motor is in good condition.

As a rule of thumb, if the pump is more than 3-4 years old it may be better to just replace the entire pump, especially if you get the pump at deep discount prices and also get free shipping as found at Canada's

Replacing a wet end requires opening the 4 motor through-bolts and separating the motor from the wet end.  Care must be taken so that the replacement wet end seals back up and the impeller is positioned correctly and spins freely on the shaft.

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