If a hot tub pump problem can be attributed to the pump wet end, then if the motor is in good condition, the wet end can be replaced in minutes. Having the right tools on hand will make the job go smoother. Most pumps have bolts that connect the pump motor housing to the wet end. The impeller can be accessed by a hole in the wet end with a flat blade screwdriver to hold it in position as needed during the replacement.

Pump seals should be replaced when replacing wet ends. Thankfully, any wet end purchased from Canada’s TheHotTubSuperstore.com already comes with a new pump seal, so no additional item is needed.

When ordering a replacement wet end, it is important to specify horsepower either in the drop-down menu provided or in the comments box when ordering to assure delivery of the correct wet end that matches your current pump motor’s horsepower rating.

Also make sure the wet end will match the type that is being replaced such as side discharge or center discharge, frame size (48 frame or 56 frame pump) and plumbing size (usually 2 inches or 2 1/2 inch or a combination).

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