///C5-T Spa Pack with T-7 Topside Control

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C5-T Spa Pack with T-7 Topside Control

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C5-T Spa Pack with T-7 Topside Control and 5kw heater.  This spa pack features a top-mount heater.  Also available in a bottom mount or remote flow through heater configuration.

Includes spa pack, topside panel, 2-speed pump cable and 12v light harness.

Dimensions:  13.00″ x 15.50″ x 6.00″  (without tailpieces)


230V / 120V convertible power in
230V or 120V for each component output
2.0A Circ-pump
12.0A P1 2-spd
12.0A P2 2-spd (1-spd if using Aux)
12.0A Aux (P3 1-spd or blower)
1.0A Ozonator
4.0A AV (constant voltage)
0.9A 12V light
5.0kW heater – C5-T

Extra cables:  This spa pack comes with a 2-speed pump cable and a 12v light harness. If you need additional cables, you can find them here:

2-Speed Pump Cord: PN# 4-10-301001C
1-Speed Pump, Blower or Ozonator Cord: PN# 4-10-301002A

Add optional T7 adapter plate here.

Comes with T7 Control Panel:


United C5 Spa Packs

control-box-canada-united-c5C5 control boxes with the new B8 board now ship with new dual-voltage transformers. Gone are the old days of swapping out transformers to switch between 240V and 120V power hook-ups.

With these new transformers, and the addition of two additional 2-wire receptacles to the B8 board, incoming power voltage can be switch by moving the transformer’s 2-pin power selector plug between the B8’s 120V and 240V receptacles.

With the addition of the new dual-voltage transformers, the C5 control series are now the only controls on the market that come out of the box ready to operate at 120V or 240V (3-wire or 4-wire), at 50Hz or 60Hz, and configurable to 40 different hardware configurations.

So any C5 pack model is capable of operating almost any spa, anywhere in the world, right out of the box! If you need a shipping quote  to Europe or other international destination, please contact our support team.

In Canada, get free shipping on this quality replacement spa pak by United!


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Weight 9.00 lbs


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