Beachcomber Hot Tubs incorporates standard one and two speed pumps in the design of their spas. When replacing a pump, check the label on the pump for the correct voltage, amperage, whether it is one or two speed and horsepower rating.

Beachcomber also employs a “HushPump” on some of their spas. The hush pump is a circulation pump that circulates the water 24 hours a day. The size of the Beachcomber Hushpump is larger than other circ pumps so it does not make a good choice for retrofitting existing smaller circulation pumps where clearance may be an issue in fitting the replacement circulation pump. However, the HushPump has a better flow rate than some of the smaller pumps realizing that some of the smaller circulation pumps weren’t doing the job.

Now with the up sizing of circulation pumps to a larger gallons per minute flow rate, aren’t we getting back to the power of a large 2-speed pump that offers the double duty of providing a relatively high GPM flow rate on low speed while minimizing the hours the pump runs at all. Certainly, you can program most modern spas to run circulation even on the big pumps on low speed for 24 hours although this is not necessary and would be a waste of electricity. Usually 2-4 hours of circulation every 12 hours on the low speed of a 2 speed pump should provide for adequate water filtration.

A popular Beachcomber hot tub pump replacement is the 2 1/2 inch by 2 inch, 230v 2-speed Waterway Executive pump.

When programming filter times, be sure that a.m. and p.m, don’t get mixed up or else you could be filtering the water for an unintended length of time. Also keep the filter start times about 12 hours apart when programming for 2 cycles a day for best results.

Contact The Hot Tub Superstore with the specifications on your hot tub pump to source a compatible replacement pump.