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Discount Hot Tub Filters
The Master Deluxe series includes Unicel compatible spa filters of the following types:

These hot tub cartridge filters are high quality, low price replacements allowing hot tub owners to exchange their filters on a regular basis and reap the benefits of crystal clear water without straining other spa components or contributing to bad water quality issues.

A spa cartridge filter is made up of a core element, plastic end-caps and the filter media which is manufactured to specific tolerances to allow for the flow of water while trapping contaminants. The higher the square footage of media, the more filtration surface area there is, and usually this can be seen by counting the number of pleats as well.

Having more square footage allows for more filtration per hour as the water that passes through the filter is exposed to a larger surface area. In practice even large pools only use a small fraction of filter surface area to achieve adequate filtration, but for many filter types, the same exact size may be available in several different media configurations. For example, the identical sized filter may offer both 25 sq.ft. and 50 sq.ft. filters which can be used interchangeably that particular spa.

The most important factor of maintaining adequate water circulation and filtration is to regularly clean the filter, also cleaning in between the filter pleats and assuring the filter is replaced every year to year and a half depending on hot tub use.

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